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Appels à communication de la RSA (rencontres de mars 2009)

Expire le 25 mai 2008.

dimanche 11 mai 2008, par Antoine Roullet

La liste et le détail des appels à communications, qui expirent le 25 mai est mis en ligne par la RSA ici.

On trouvera des propositions sur les thèmes suivants :

The Work of Recusant Poetry, 1549-1700

Montaigne’s Essais and the dialogue

Untimely Renaissance : Reframing the “Pre-” and the “Post-”

Manuscript Publication and the Culture of Print

Centro/Periferia ? : Provincialism in Italian Renaissance Art

Representations of Islam and Muslims in Renaissance Literature.

VIsual Studies and the Early Modern Emblem Book

Libraries in the 16th and 17th centuries

Emblematics and Meditation

Dance, Religion, and Politics in the Renaissance

Science and Literature : What Was the Difference ?

Mapping Imaginary Worlds in the Renaissance

Renaissance Engravings and Engravers

Prints as Communicators and the Diversity of Audience

Ethics and the Passions in Early Modern English Literature

Scientific Stories


The Allegorical Tradition and Psychological Inquiry in the Middle Ages

Styling the Self : Rhetorical Performance in Early Modern Investigative Prose

Towards an Iconology of the Textile

Saints and Martyrs of the New World

Female Identity and Agency in Renaissance Epic

Asians in the Americas and/or Europe in Early Modern Times

Women, Gender, and Language on the English Renaissance Stage

Examining Renaissance Stained Glass at the J. Paul Getty Museum

The Jews and the Renaissance

Editors and Publishers

Care of the Body, Care of the Soul : Melancholy in a National Context

George Buchanan

Families, Writing, and the Production of Culture

Bridging Boundaries between Media in Renaissance Art

Digitizing Renaissance Material Culture

Representations of power in courts without kings

Beyond Neighbourhood : Rewriting the Italian Renaissance Community

The Ambrosiana Library and Its Collections

The Noisy Renaissance

Classical Topoi in Colonial Texts and Images

The Sacred in Strange Places

Writing About Food in Renaissance Italy

Women and Power in Renaissance France

Renaissance Philosophy

Erasmus and the Practice of Reading

Revising Petrarch

DId Color Have a Renaissance ?

Lost Lombardy : Renaissance Milan and Its 19th-Century Interpreters

Nonsense : Emotion and Illegibility

Reinventing the Old Master : Fact, Fiction, and Fabrication in the Afterlives of the Early Modern Artist

Theatricality in the Visual Arts of the Netherlands and Germany

Innocence in the Renaissance

From Corpus Christi to The Mighty Line : Re-Evaluating the boundaries between Medieval and Renaissance Drama

Mythology in Renaissance Art and Letters

Renaissance Culture and War

Renaissance musi

Friendship in the Renaissance

Renaissance Portraiture, 1400-1600

Boredom avant la lettre in early modern England

Panels related to Ficino

Hebrew sources of the Renaissance

New Technologies and Renaissance Studies

The Study of Renaissance Inventories

Taking Place : Locating Mobile Objects within the Urban Fabric of Renaissance Italy

Vernacular Poetry in 15th-Century Tuscany

Writing About Early Modern Nuns and Writing-Nuns

Caravaggio : Reflections and Refractions

Form and Reform : Writing New Politics in Seventeenth-Century England Nathaniel Stogdill

Coins and Medals in the Renaissance

Renaissance Literatures and the Legal Scene

Renaissance Neoplatonism and the Arts ?

Epistles and Letters in Renaissance Literature

Making Connections : The Medici and the Courts of Europe

Women, Gender, and the Construction of Space in Early Modern England

“This Figure that Thou Here Seest Put” : Critical Thinking in the Shakespearean Authorship Question

Early Modern Criminality and Sites of Injustice

Translating the Renaissance

Court Studies

Lady Mary Wroth

The Artistic Beffa in Renassiance Italy

Milton and the Postsecular

Rhetoric and Seventeenth-Century Northern Art

Symbolism : Its Origins and Its Consequence

In and Around Charles de Bovelles - France’s Most Enigmatic Renaissance Philosopher

Mathematics in Early Modern Culture

Spenser in Short

The Italian Humanism in Central-Eastern Europe

Women’s Political Partnerships in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy

Rethinking the Early Modern Pastoral

Between Libraries and Art Collections : Bibliophiles and Collectors as Mediators of Culture

World Building in the Renaissance

Visual and verbal in 16th-century printed literature

Characterization in English Drama

Hollywood Shakespeare

Religion and Politics in Jean Bodin’s Colloquium heptaplomeres

Reconciling the Sacred with the Secular : The Contribution of Early Modern Conversos to Casuistry

The Sidneys and Material Culture

The Sidneys and the Psalms

17th-Century Englishwomen’s Writing and Genealogy

Venetian Painting and Sculpture, 1450-1550

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