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Michelangelo’s Neoplatonism: Theory and Practice.

SCSC, Geneva, May 09.

Saturday 11 October 2008, by Panurge

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Sixteenth Century Society Conference 2009

28-30 May 2009

Geneva, Switzerland

Michelangelo’s Neoplatonism: Theory and Practice

Whereas the impact of Neoplatonism on Renaissance culture has always been
emphasized by researchers of the history of literature and philosophy, it
has been repeatedly ignored or even challenged by art historians. With
regard to Michelangelo’s art, for instance, the influence of Neoplatonism
has been rejected alltogether by Eugenio Garin and Horst Bredekamp,
although his lyrics bespeak a thorough knowledge of neoplatonic theories.
Apart from the disregard of the results of research done in other fields,
the reason for this seems to be the misconception that the interpreter of
Renaissance art must decide between Neoplatonism and Christian Orthodoxy
although it is one of the most outstanding characteristics of Neoplatonism
to successfully connect philosophy with Christian tradition.

This call welcomes papers on all aspects regarding the interrelation or
non-relation between Michelangelo’s philosophical or theological thinking
and artistic practice, be it case studies or more general approaches.
Interdisciplinary approaches are especially welcome.

Please send abstract of no more than 200 words and curriculum vitae to
Berthold Hub/ETH Zurich

Deadline: 2 November 2008.

Selected speakers must be member of the SCS at the time of the conference.

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