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French Books III & IV : Books published in France before 1601 in Latin and Languages other than French.

Brill 2011

samedi 5 novembre 2011, par Guillaume Berthon

Edited by Andrew Pettegree and Malcolm Walsby.
Brill, 2011, 1970 pages in two volumes.
Volume IV Includes the Index to French Vernacular Books (FB I & II) and French Books (FB III & IV).

French Books III & IV complete a comprehensive bibliographical survey of all books published in France in the first age of print. It lists over 40,000 editions printed in France in languages other than French during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries together with bibliographical references, an introduction and indexes. It draws on the analysis of over 3,000 collections situated in libraries throughout the world. French Books will be an invaluable research tool for all students and scholars interested in the history, culture and literature of France, as well as historians of the early modern book world.

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