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Translating the Word in the Reformation.

Westminster College, Cambridge (13-15 April 2011).

mercredi 30 mars 2011, par Guillaume Berthon

Society for Reformation Studies

18th Annual Conference

13 – 15 April 2011

Translating the Word in the Reformation

A conference to commemorate
400 years of the Authorized Version of the Bible

Wednesday 13 April

from 14.00 : Arrivals and registration
15:45 Tea (in the Dining Hall)

16:15 Welcome and Conference Opening
16:30 John Flood : The Bible in Germany, 1456-1546
Healey Room and Elias Library

17:35–18.15 : Parallel Sessions I :
Healey Room Gerald Hobbs : The Jewish contribution to the emergence of the King James Bible

Elias Library Erik Ankerberg : Early Modern Biblical Commentary and the Iconic Roles of the Priest and Poet

18:30 Dinner

19:45–20:35 Parallel Sessions II :
Healey Room Catherine Reuben : Hébraiser sans judaiser : Translating the Bible in the Reformation

Elias Library Peter Stephens : Bullinger’s Christology

Thursday 14 April

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Brian Cummings : The Bible in English
Healey Room and Elias Library

10:05–10:45 Parallel Sessions III :
Healey Room Noel Heather : Du Bartas’s Sepmaines as Poem- Word : Renaissance meeting Reformation in perhaps the most popular ‘non-theological’ Bible translation of the era

Elias Library Rob Wainwright : The concept of Covenant in William Tyndale’s translations and expositions

10:45–11:15 Coffee (in the Dining Hall)

11:15–11:55 Parallel Sessions IV :
Healey Room Anne Hoffmann : Which Texts for Travelling Tunes ? The Metrical Psalms which Crossed the Channel from 1535 to 1603

Elias Library Jonathan Willis : A Reformation of the Decalogue ? The Ten Commandments in Reformation England

12:00–12:40 Parallel Sessions V :
Healey Room Dick Wursten : Hebraica veritas and the Psalms : a Translator’s Dream but a Theologian’s Nightmare

Elias Library Torrance Kirby : Richard Hooker on the authority of Scripture and Reason : a sapiential approach

12.45 Lunch

meet at the front door at 14:00 to walk to the university Library for
14:30 Visit to Authorised Version Exhibition

16.30 : Tea (in the Dining Hall)

17:05–17.45 : Parallel Sessions VI :
Healey Room Juan Luis Monreal Pérez : The linguistic proposals of Juan de Valdés : their contribution to translation and influence on the Spanish version of the ‘Bear’s Bible’ (Biblia del Oso)

Elias Library Aaron Denlinger : The Aberdeen Doctors on Concord between Reformed and Lutheran Churches

18:30 Sherry Reception
19:00 Conference Dinner

meet at the side door at 21:40 to walk down to Gonville and Caius for
21:00 Recital by Geoffrey Webber (organ) and Marie-Claire Lindsay (soprano)

Friday 15 April

07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Ellie Bagley : Catholic Attacks on the King James Bible Healey Room and Elias Library

10:05–10:45 Parallel Sessions VII :
Healey Room Gordon Jensen : Translating with Emphasis : Martin Luther’s Highlighting in the 1534 Luther Bible

Elias Library Nick Thompson : George Witzel on Prayer and Purgatory for the Dead

10:45–11:15 Coffee (in the Dining Hall)

11:15–11:55 Parallel Sessions VIII :
Healey Room Charlotte Methuen : “I know the letters s-o-l-a are not there” : Interactions between language and theology in Luther’s Bible translations

Elias Library Abigail Brundin : Re-writing Trent : or what happened to Italian literature in the wake of the first indexes of prohibited books ?

12:15 Lunch

13:30– 15:00 AGM of the Society for Reformation Studies
Healey Room and Elias Library

Westminster College, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0AA
Tel : + 44 (0) 1223 741084
Fax : + 44 (0) 1223 300765
E mail :

Westminster College lies at the junction of Madingley Road (A 1303), Queen’s Road, and Northampton Street

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