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Reading Publics in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Renaissance Europe.

Friday 11 November (University of Warwick)

samedi 8 octobre 2011, par Guillaume Berthon

This workshop is focused upon reading publics in relation to matters of religious controversy in sixteenth-century Italy, England, and France. The workshop is intended to be exploratory and to open up discussion, within a comparative European perspective, of the realm of book consumption and its broader implications for both individual readers and networks of readers. Papers at the workshop will consider the writings and audience of figures who moved either between Italy and France and/or Italy and England because of their religious commitments (or indeed of texts that moved between these countries).

10.00 Coffee

10.20-10.30 Introduction

Session 1

10.30 Books in the Circle of Reginald Pole,
Anne Overell (Durham University)

11.15 “Diavoli incarnati Meet The Antichrist : Cardinal Pole and His Friends Reading Machiavelli (and Himself)”
Thomas Mayer (Augustana University, USA)

12.00-12.10 short break

12.15 “The night is passed, the day is at hand” : A Sermon Preached by Marcantonio de Dominis in Italian before King James I in 1617
Michael Wyatt (Stanford University)

1.15-2.30 lunch

Session 2

2.30 Protestant Books, Catholic Readers (and vice-versa) : Clandestine Reading and Confessional faultlines in and around the ‘Bibliotheca Thuana’
Ingrid De Smet (Warwick University)

3.15 Labirinti della mente : la biblioteca perduta di Ludovic Demoulin de Rochefort tra Torino e Basilea
Rosanna Gorris (Verona University)

4.00 tea

4.15-5 Roundtable discussion : including Paul Gehl, Abigail Brundin, Chiara Franceschini

5-6 wine reception

For further details, contact the event organiser, Simon Gilson.

Lecture Room 8 (Felden), Arden House, University of Warwick.

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