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Appels à communication de la RSA.


jeudi 15 novembre 2007, par Antoine Roullet

La Renaissance Society of America met en ligne une série d’appels à communications émanant de chercheurs américains et européens, ainsi que leur coordonnées pour les contacter. La majorité des appels ont expiré ; Panurge publiera les programmes des conférences.

Les thèmes sont :

- The Venetian Stato da Mar (Diana Wright)

- Urbi et Orbi : Representations of historical events in Venice (Renzo Baldasso)

- Humour in Early Modern Spain (Jose Rico-Ferrer)

- New Departures : Developments in Irish Education in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (Benjamin Hazard)

- Domestic Intimacy in Early Modern Italy (Deanna Shemek)

- Early Modern Horror (Maria H. Loh)

- Global Romance (Elizabeth Bearden)

- Gendering Female Authority (Maria Rothstein)

- Human Movement in the Renaissance City (Nicolas Eckstein)

- Dangerous Substances (Elly Truitt)

- Open Session on Shakespeare (Phil Collington)

- Emulation, Tradition and Identity in Renaissance Music (Michael O’Connor)

- Emblematic Contexts (Mara Wade)

- Strange Bedfellows : Milton and Seventeenth-Century Women Writers (Margaret Reeves)

- Society for Emblem Studies : Emblematic Readers & Emblematic Pages (Tamara Goeglein)

- Heterogeneity of Italian Renaissance Drama (Kristin Phillips Court)

- La Fiducia : Trust Relationships in Renaissance Europe (Ricardo Court)

- Thinking and the Stage : Cognition and English Renaissance Drama (Timothy Zajac)

- Lucretius and the Renaissance (James Snyder)

- Masculinities (Kirk Read)

- Towards a Revaluation of Campanella’s Work (Peter Carravetta)

- Minor Artists of the Italian Renaissance (Norman Land)

- Relics and the Renaissance (Timothy B. Smith)

- Unacceptable Art : Rejected Commissions in Early Modern Italy (Jonathan Nelson)

- Regions and Regionalism in Early Modern France (Katherine Maynard)

- Protestant Depictions of Catholicism in Elizabethan and Jacobean Literature (Horacio Sierra)

- Renaissance Theories of Vision (Charles H. Carman)

- “l’abbiam fatta tutti e tre.” Collaboration and Identity in the Carracci School (Opher Mansour & Xavier Salomon)

- Social Relations in the Italian Palace (Eleonora Canepari)

- Renaissance Rulers Construct Identity I, II, III, IV (Sarah Blake McHam)

- Age and Life Passage Rituals in the Italian Domestic Interior (Maria DePrano)

- State Portraiture in the European Renaissance (Evelyn Lincoln)

- The Communication of Appearances : Dress and Identity in the Early Modern World (Gabriel Guarino)

- Connecting the Renaissance Senses : Image - Space - Text - Music (Marlene Eberhart)

- Early Modern Women’s Manuscripts (Elizabeth Hageman)

- The Politics of Education in the Renaissance (Julian Koslow)

- Ethics and Economics in Early Modern Literature (Jim Kearney)

- John Webster (Margaret Owens)

- Learning and Culture in Renaissance Bologna (David A. Lines)

- The Medici Between Florence and Rome : Art, Power, and Cultural Politics (Linda A. Koch)

- Classical Traditions in English Histories and Geographies (William Stenhouse)

- Plants, Gardens and Meaning (Jim Ellis)

- New Technologies and Renaissance Studies (Ray Siemens)

- La Celestina in its European Context (Josemaria Perez-Fernandez)

- Courts and Religion (Malcolm Smuts)

- Italian Courts and their Impact on European Court Culture (Malcolm Smuts)

- The Mapping and Forging of New Trans-Atlantic Worlds (Horacio Chiong Rivero)

- Representations of Religion “as practiced” and Popular Culture in Literary Texts of Early Modern Spain (Christina Lee)

- East and West in the Holy Land 1500-1713 (Judy A. Hayden)

- Painting, Painters, and Patrons in Quattrocento Rome (Angi Elsea Bourgeois)

- The Renaissance Commonplace Book : Form and Function (Thomas Fulton)

- Genre, Imitation, Parody (Dorothea Heitsch)

- Violence as Performance in Renaissance Art, Drama and Urban Experience (Christina Neilson and Allie Terry)

- Francesco di Giorgio Martini (Berthold Hub)

- Erasmian Humanism (Kathy Eden)

- Renaissance Ambivalence (Molly Murray)

- Family affairs : kinship and society in Renaissance Italy (Jennifer DeSilva & Catherine Fletcher)

- Constructing Marginality in Renaissance Art (Meghan Hughes)

- The Ideal and the Utopian in Renaissance Architecture and Architectural Theory (Berthold Hub)

- Hebrew Sources of the Renaissance (Zinguer Ilana)

- Montaigne and skepticism (Lodi Nauta)

- Women and Health in the Early Modern Period (Valeria Finucci)

- Renaissance Virtues (Aaron Spooner)

- On the Irrelevance of Painting (Lisa Kirch)

- Renaissance Art Crime (Noah Charney)

- Raphael (Jodi Cranston)

- Scholarly Ethics & Historical Fiction (Noah Charney)

- Perspectives on Love in Renaissance Philosophy (Jason Aleksander)

- Italian Renaissance Comedy (Massimo Scalabrini)

- Global Renaissance, Local Histories (Sean Roberts and Cristelle Baskins)

- Renaissance Nothings (Wendy Hyman)

- Reasons to write in the french Renaissance (Corinne Noirot-Maguire)

- Italian Renaissance Villas and Gardens (Cristelle Baskins)

- Renaissance Halls of State (Patricia L. Reilly)

- The Sidneys and Internationalism (Margaret Hannay)

- Lady Mary Wroth (Margaret Hannay)

- New Approaches to Portraiture in Baroque Europe (Tod Marder)

- Portraiture and Renaissance Venice (Sandra Sider )

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